[jitsi~svn:8377] Change NetworkUtils.getSRVRecord methods to return SRVRecord array instea


Hey Seb,

That's a good start but we still need to address the main issue that
Ingo had raised. See below

На 18.03.11 13:09, s_vincent@java.net написа:

+ /**
+ * Get <tt>InetSocketAddress</tt> for this record.
+ *
+ * @return <tt>InetSocketAddress</tt>
+ * @throws ParseException if an error occurred during address parsing
+ */
+ public InetSocketAddress getInetSocketAddress()
+ throws ParseException
+ {
+ InetSocketAddress address =
+ NetworkUtils.getARecord(getTarget(), getPort());
+ return address;
+ }

What we need to do is get rid of the A resolution here and only return
Strings. It would then be up to the protocol providers to resolve the
names returned from the SRVs into v4 and v6 addresses.