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I have a presentation Monday, I really need the “paid” version to stop displaying the “sales ads” once the call has ended. I will pay for this service.
The Jitsi branded logo is a fine display on the front screen, but the “sales job” after the call is over kills my sales and has to go.
But the “Auth0” link allowing purchase of the “paid” version is blocked . In other words, even if the “link-ad” worked, I’d be alright, it doesn’t. But it doesn’t even allow PAYING members… by its blocking of the ads’ clickthrus.
I tried to enable cookies. Nothing works. I want to disable the after-call advertising but still leave the Jitsi logo in place, how to do that?



You can use a self hosted Jitsi server. It costs ~$40/month if the concurrent participants less than 100

I don’t know what you are saying. Do you mean I can do this $40 month purchase thru the ‘clickthru’ on the Buddymeet link?

I am getting an ad after my jitsi video call hangs up. My clients SEE this ad. I don’t mind the Jitsi logo, but I can’t have the AD doing sales pitches to my clients.

What does your statement have to do with my problem? I’m not self-hosting now, but what about the clickthru 8x8/Auth0 link? Help me out here. If I even wanted to buy what you’re talking about, you gave no further details. What gives??

I said I need some help. What are you suggesting this weekend. I have a deadline of Monday. Can you help?


Emrah, did you get my email on this issue. I don’t want to bother you if you did.

Hi emrah,

I read your short message of help. But you never replied after my answer. Do you have some assistance for me? I’ll pay for the service, but are you able to help or advise me where to go to get help?


No, I didn’t

I was not online until now.

If you setup your own Jitsi server, there will be no ads and no Jitsi logo. If this way is OK for you, I can help you to install it.

I don’t know your technical level and whether these make sense to you.

I have no idea about this. Maybe this is a better alternative but I don’t know about it

I’m afraid that there is a slight misunderstanding here. This forum’s purpose is ‘support for Jitsi products’. 8x8 offers are logically separated from Jitsi products; Jitsi products are open-source softwares, 8x8 offer hosting solutions using Jitsi products. So there is no support here for 8x8 solutions, except that some Jitsi developers are also 8x8 employees and as such may choose to redirect you to the proper way of getting support for 8x8 offers. Good luck.

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Dear gpatel,

Thanks for your reply.
I’m understanding that Jitsi support is Jitsi support and 8x8 support/Auth0 support and Aisera support are all separate. Thanks.

However, Since the 8x8 governance and Auth0 governance and Aisera “bots” have embedded massive 1400 bit advertising on Jitsi’s “end-of-call” termination with failed PAID links, that can’t continue. Not one of those three governing companies, this weekend, had a support staff on duty despite their website claims of “live 24/7 support”. Not true.

I have only to ask someone in this Jitsi/8x8/Auth0 triangle to answer my PAYING support issues. They must not pass the support batton to Jitsi’s community on the weekends. That’s when developers, like myself, do alot of work. I happen to be a HUGE fan of Jitsi’s community and think that 8x8 and Auth0 needs to support them by having REAL support on hand. The Jitsi community is needing PAID people to step up to the cash register when someone wants to pay. I have a cell phone. We, the community want support and donations, but when paying customers are at hand and 8x8/Auth0’s links fail…the community needs real PAID support on the BACK END.
If, as you say, many Jitsi support people work for 8x8, on the side, then please tell management that we need help! The Jitsi community is not helped by Aisera “bots”. They’re not fooling anyone. Noone’s home.

Could you refer me to whoever I need to PAY to get the support (server) that I need that I’ve failed to get this weekend. My presentation today was SCREWED! I couldn’t get ahold of anyone at 8x8, Auth0 all weekend.
Who do I pay now to get the ad link fixed and do some business?

Thanks Emrah for your reply over the weekend.

I welcome your help if you are offering. I messed up on the presentation today. I couldn’t have those ads on the termination of the call. They must go.

Let me know how you bill for your support services. I am needing someone frequently to help related to Jitsi issues. It has become our core.

Please advise. wpm@jointhemail.com

Hello @Brian1,

I can help you to install your own Jitsi server without fee but not give a support continously. I sent you an email

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