Jitsi support of mobile browsers


Just wondering how good is the support of Jitsi, if we were to use Safari iOS or Chrome Android browsers. We are looking to make an app using the SDK you all provide, but am wondering if the modern mobile browsers will support it well.

Thanks as always for the help!!

You mean the iframe API or the SDK? If you use the SDK mobile browsers are not used, since you’ll integrate it in your native app.

The native SDK provides deeper integration with the mobile operating system: screen dimming when in audio-only mode, CallKit on iOS, background mode, etc are things a website simply can’t so. If you’d like to have a quick call, the browser will do, that’s why we support both.

@saghul Thanks for the response. I understand the use case of the the SDK, but not sure about the iframe API. Since we have our own custom UI that we use for the browser, would we gain any benefits from using the iframe API over using our custom UI also in mobile browsers?

Sorry for the silly question, just trying to make sure I understand :slight_smile:

If you already have a custom UI over lib-jitsi-meet, you can just use that. The iframe API is designed to embed the Jitsi meeting experience in other applications, which looks like not to be your usecase.