Jitsi suitable for meeting with about 15 people?

Hello all,

next week I want to meet with some friends for a virtual christmas party. Due to lock down, we can‘t meet in real life.

In the past months, we used Jitsi now and then, because it is free and it has that nice tile view, where all participants are spread across the screen.

Unfortunately we ran into stability issues, when hitting about 9 or more participants.
Is this a typical threshold of Jitsi?
In out meetings everyone is able to speak freely every time and everyone has their video and audio stream activated.

Are there any recommendations on how I can hold larger meetings with Jitsi and keep them stable?
Do I maybe have to look for a particulary performant Jitsi server?

meet.jit.si allows up to 75 participants in a meeting, although it’s recommended to keep that number closer to 30. So depending on the traffic at the time you use it, you should be fine with just 15 people. Make sure everyone has adequate bandwidth (internet speed).

Many thanks for your answer.
Do you think your estimation also applies for constant video ans audio streams from every participant?

And are there means to find performant and well reliable Jitsi servers, we could use for our meeting?
I’d rather not do server hopping, once the meeting will have begun.

Yes, for 15 participants, that’s with video and audio. There’s really no way to know how busy a server would be before time, it all depends on how many people are on it. The servers are configured to handle simultaneous load efficiently, but as with anything, they can get loaded.