Jitsi State Management in different routes

I am using jitsimeetexternal api in angualr , i my case if i open jitis in a route and move to other route and then again come back to same route the content goes off as the nature of angular Single page application , so here i need to manage the state of jitsi how can i do that is jitsi provide us some extrernal api fetrure to do this ? and if not then what will be requrirement of state in this case for example to strore the api data, store the iframe inside a global variable etc.

You probably want to store the API object you created in a global somewhere and likewise the iframe. Sorry I’m not very familiar with Angular.

the concept of routing is basically addeing and removing content in page dynamically using js, angular is just a framework which provide us easy way of implementing this thing


Then my point above stands.

but this thing i already implemented but it is not working i have stored iframe inside a gloabal service and also the api object but when i try to get it in other compoenetn then it is commign but the state of mics and videos etc is lossing


Sorry, I’m not familiar enough with Angular to help you. Hopefully some other forum member can.

i am not able to do it in react and js as well please help


Please stop asking me, I already told you I don’t know.