Jitsi SSL Certificate


If I have a loadbalancer in a public subnet and my jitisi instancein a private subnet. I have the loadbalancer providing the ssl certificate how would I configure the certificate part of the auto install. Would I still need to create a certificate using letsencrypt. or will the loadbalancer’s ssl certificate cover that need? I guess I’m not understanding how jitsi is using the letsencrypt certificate. isn’t that just part of the webserver?



What I did and (want to finish with this install) is:

  • Hold the certificate on the load balancer / reverse proxy
  • Clear text communication on the private network behind it

If you loadbalance then you have to install the letsencrypt certificate on the load balancer that’s for sure.

I didn’t understand the rest of your question


If the certificates are on the loadbalancer and the link between the loadbalancer and jitsi-meet’s nginx is secure (private subnet) you can setup nginx to serve meet on port 80 and do not care about https and certs there.