JITSI source code

Hello ,
We are French and currently working on a platform as a service (PAAS) which will include teleconsultation and therefore a software brick concerning video. While looking for an open source system we discovered JITSI. Also since jitsi is opensource, I wanted to make sure first to you that we can use the source code of this project ?
So, that you know what we intend the visio device that we can integrate, I will briefly present our project. In France we have Doctolib which is a platform for patients to allow them to make an appointment with their health practitioner for physical consultations or video. There is also Psychologues.net specially designed for Psychologists and includes additional services such as scientific articles, access to specialty theses and other professional information. For our part, with Med_e_Call, we want to mix these two platforms with additional services also for patients but also for practitioners. I know for example that the automatic transcription of video consultations with generation of pdf in the patient’s file will be very appreciated.
In addition, our project, which will of course allow a web exploitation but also the phone application must include the possibility of modifying the background of the room with images proposed as on TEAMS but also by integrating images.
So if I summarize the questions we have about using JITSI , here’s what might be useful to us:First of all, we need to be sure that we can use the JITSI source code?
Then in more technical terms:

  1.               Is the code as it is executable directly in local host for example and regardless of the browser?
  2.               do you think we could include these features (background modification with insertion of default and personal images / text transcription of teleconsultations with pdf generation) in the current code and if so,                      
  3.                Would you have an idea of the best location to do this in                    the current code?

Of course, if we manage to include these bricks in JITSI, they will be made available in your code also on Github.
I hope that you will be able to answer our questions positively, but in any case, I thank you in advance for the attention paid to my request.

jitsi is licensed under Apache-2.0 license

Permissions of Apache license :

  • Commercial use
  • Modification
  • Distribution
  • Patent use
  • Private use

Jitsi is based on WebRTC. Any browser that’s supports WebRTC can connect to Jitsi (although, Chromium-based browsers work the best).

Yes, you can change the background and you can save a transcript of a Jitsi meeting (as text or json). You would need to deploy Jigasi as well - the Jitsi component that does transcription.

The interface can be customized (background changes e.t.c…) through config.js and interface_config.js. And as stated in the previous, you would need Jigasi deployed to handle transcription.

Thank you so much Freddie for your response, I really appreciated it!
In config.js, everything is in comments. Is there a way to edit just the instructions ( the main code) ?

If you host your own server, you can edit the file - /etc/jitsi/meet/your.domain.com-config.js