Jitsi socket issue

Hello everyone
I have small issue… I’m new on jitsi so I can’t find solution
I use ubuntu 18.04
I did as below:

  1. git clone from repo of jiisi-meet
  2. npm i
  3. make dev
    all are working well on my local
    so if I call https://localhost:8080 then runs correctly
    and I set nginx proxy : so listen port 80 redirect to 8080
    so on ubuntu local : when I call http://localhost then jitsi runs correctly

but the issue is

when I call this com’s ip on the other computer
the landing page shows correctly
but on console shows socket disconnect error


I can see this calls https: localhost:8080 for socket call
but this should call “http : serverip”

plz help me thnaks

Please post again, your message is incomplete.

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