Jitsi size limit for single conference

Hi @damencho @saghul

I am raising this since I did not find a proper answer in the forum.

  1. What is the limit of participants in single conference ( keeping the end user browser limit)

  2. Do I need to have octo configured for bigger conference like 200+ or Normal single JVB with high CPU and Memory will be enough for it.?

  3. What do you suggest if I need to have 250 users in single conference.?


Our official answer is 100 participants, although there are reports in the community for successful conferences with 150 participants. And for such big conferences, you need octo, just a single bridge will not work well.

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Hi @damencho Can you also tell me what is the maximum number of participants with Octo? And is there any bottleneck with end user browser? Any documentation for Octo?

Yep, there is bottleneck with UI. So the number we recommend is 100. We are working on increasing that.