Jitsi site falls to NGINX welcome page for SOME users (but not all)

For some unknown reason, some users land on the NGINX welcome page instead of the main site…
The only way I could reproduce this behavior was by trying to access the site through its ip address.
I forwarded the ip address to the main site in the config and now I don’t land on the NGINX page anymore… but for those users, it still does not work.
One of them is on a mac, and others are on Windows PC

Someone has a clue? At first I thought it was poor dns redirection from their ISP, but now I don’t know…

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Okay, the mystery has cleared itself… It so happened to be that our sales representative was sending links to our domain name with “www” in front (https://www.[domain-name.com]/[chatroom]… Our nginx server was not setup to respond to that combination.
Since he has already connected to our site using the correct way (https://[domain-name]/[chatroom]), he was not, himself, affected by the issue as his browser would “translate” the address afterwards. Upon clearing his history and cache, the issue affected him too.
I entered a forward in the nginx config file to translate “www” access to the correct address and everything works fine now…
So, it was all a code 18 (18 inches from the computer monitor!)