Jitsi setup when the access URL will be different than the FQDN?

We are installing Jitsi-Meet on Ubuntu 20.04 from the Ubuntu packages, using apache2. Our hostname is “jitsi-01”. Our org is a sub-org of a parent organization, for that reason our public url is “domain com” and we can request to have subdomains of that domain, meaning our jitsi will be accessed at “conf domain com”. Our actual internal domain is “ad domain com” meaning our FQDN is “jitsi-01 ad domain com”. Certificate wise, we have made an internal domain certificate, signed by our CA, that accommodates both the proper FQDN, and the alias. Additionally, we have access to a godaddy wildcard certificate for “* domain com”. We are having trouble configuring jitsi to accommodate this. During the installer, we configured the hostname to be “conf domain com” but /etc/hostname lists “jitsi-01” and /etc/hosts has at localhost and at jitsi-01.

Can jitsi accommodate this, or does the fqdn have to match the url it’s accessed at? If so, how should we configure /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts? Is any additional configuration needed on jjitsi’s side to accommodate this?

Sorry about the domain name formatting, if I put dots in the form thinks it’s a link and I’m limited to 2 links per post…assume spaces are dots.

Bump, it seems it should be possible to have jitsi listening on a dns alias that differs from the FQDN?