Jitsi Set Specific User as Moderator


In my case, i have to set spesific user as moderator for recording video. But whoever is the first user to enter the room becomes the moderator and the recording button appears to him/her.

How can i set my spesific system user as moderator.

Somebody can give me an idea what I should have into consideration?

Thank you in advance.

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You can use token based authentication in order to accomplish that. If you are using meet.jit.si, you can create a moderated meeting: https://moderated.jitsi.net/

Hi @saghul,

Thanks for reply.

I have onpremise installation not meet.jit.si, How can i use token based authentication. Can you direct or support me?

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Hi @Freddie

I will try.

Thanks for reply.

Hi @Freddie @saghul ,

Is that possible without token based authentication?


No, it’s not possible otherwise.

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