Jitsi server with two network interfaces

Due to my network topology I have the following configuration a Jitsi server with two network A and B interfaces,those two networks do not see each other because security so no routing, but both users in those segments should be able to connect to the jistsi server and make video conferences through its corresponding interface network A or B.
My Jitsi server is working fine, the parameters
I only have the option of putting a public ip .
What can I do to let the users of network B can connect correctly?
regards sorry my english

  • Are Network-A and Network-B local network?

  • Have both of them local clients?

One of them yes , the Net A has users routed in other network segments, the users in B net are local

If network-A users can connect using the remote (Internet) IP then set the interface-B IP as NAT_HARVESTER_PUBLIC_ADDRESS

TI will try…

i changed my config as you sugested but no success

sorry your setup is not 100% clear to me. There is a container and a ‘public IP’, yet you talk about local networks only, in this case a NAT_HARVESTER_PUBLIC_ADDRESS does not make sense.
For me a public IP is on the Internet.
If all your IP are private it does not seem a big risk to post them here, and it would make things clearer.

maybe it’s my mistake, if my server is on LAN with two network interfaces as described, I can delete these LOCAL and PUBLIC settings
address ??

these settings are necessary for NAT. If your 2 networks are like and for example, you have no NAT.

i believed the nat public and local config is for container, do not use NAT on my net, theses user are on no routed networks because security, but they must be access to video conferences

Well am I to understand you have your 2 networks and a container on an network internal to the server computer, say ? Maybe you could try to use Haproxy --> eth1 |   
                     | haproxy ---> virtual interface --> eth2.|