Jitsi Server Usage for my App, what limitations if any or do I self host?

Hi Jitsi Community

I recently have embarked on a new app idea and we decided to use Jitsi software for video calls

Our developer tells us that we can use Jitsi servers to host our apps video calls, I was surprised by this as I know hosting/server cost will add up so I thought it would be something we would pay for ourselves but he assures me that Jitsi will offer free servers even for Commercial app projects like ours

just seeing if anyone can clarify this? and if yes is their limitations to think about

we don’t want to upset jitsi by breaching any limitations etc

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Thanks @emrah

I’ll just add that we are reevaluating the exact date and manner in which this will be executed, but it’s still happening.

@Jack_Burton , thanks for stopping to check first. Much appreciated. Hopefully JaaS (which also has a free tier) would be helpful to you.

Hi, thanks for the response

So just to clarify the removal of embedding will be for web and mobile apps?