Jitsi Server-side controls

Hi guys,

I’m currently integrating Jitsi to our CPaaS product & planning on embedding some of our features to Jitsi. I’m a bit new to Jitsi development process so I have some questions. I hope that you guys can give me some pointers:

  1. Is it possible for the moderator to mute all other participants in the middle of a meeting? If it is, can it be done from a server-side process?
  2. Is it possible for a server-side process to get the current Jitsi meetings event & its participants’ status (a new user joining/leaving, is their mic, video on or off…) and also controlling them (mute users’ mic/ video, kick them out of the room…)?
    By server-side process, I mean a process which runs separately from Jitsi’ processes and communicates with it through some kind of APIs (or message broker). If it isn’t possible, is there some part of the Jitsi’ architecture I modify/add to implement said features?

I’m sorry in advance if my question is not presented clearly enough. And I hope you guys can help me with this.


There is no such option, right now. Currently you can do that per participant in the UI, and it is done by sending an xmpp iq message to jicofo.

There is no such process, other than prosody. We had developed some modules that can be queried via http interface https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/tree/master/resources/prosody-plugins. Prosody is very flexible and more stuff can be easily added.

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