Jitsi server opens new meeting with black screen

Hello and thanks in advance
I successfully created self hosted jitsi server and its working without problems.
After the installation of jibri, any time I access the site it keeps creating new meeting with black screen,
I have walked through the tutorials thoroughly and even restored my system and re installed jibri again and yet the same problem.
I run on Ubuntu 20.04 Ram 16mb

Can any one point out why?

Thanks a lot


Does it work with 3 participants when jibri has not been installed yet?

Hello Emrah,
Thanks for the reply. I have tested it by connecting with 2- 3 different devices and it worked yes without Jibri.
Thanks for the reply. Any idea ?
The meeting starts automatically with black screen


To be sure, you tested with 3 participants at the same time at the same room and it works, right?

Yes Exactly that