Jitsi server on private homepage, newbie question

Hi, question from a newbie…

I have a simple contract with a webpage provider including some MB Webspace and 3 mail adresses. Want to install a Jitsi server for private use in a password protected directory on this webspace. No special requirements, no database, no logging, only for use as a videotelephone for 2-4 people.

Is this possible? Are there some reliable guides / manuals / tutorials available for this?


To use Jitsi Meet you need to have some services configured and started (prosody, jicofo, videobridge), it’s not only a web page. So if you can install the software, you can use it.
Otherwise, if you can only host web pages - you can use the iframe API to embed in your web page a conference that will be hosted somewhere else (and you can use meet.jit.si for that)