Jitsi Server and Client on the same machine?

Complete noob here, so please, bear with me. This question is probably not just exclusive to Jitsi, but is it possible to run both the Jitsi server and client on the same machine? Basically, to do a local installation of Jitsi on Ubuntu and then connect to a video conference on the same machine. Is this possible? If so, will there be any performance degradation?

Yes, it’s possible. I mostly test Jitsi using the installation which is on my desktop machine. It’s on a container and has a private virtual network. But I don’t think this is a good idea for production.

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Aaah I see. Thank you.
I was thinking of the possibility of installing Ubuntu desktop, then just downloading the necessary packages to install Jitsi. That way, I can use the browser and multimedia stuff on the desktop in production.