Jitsi self hosted server sound videos not working

I Used the AWS t2.xlarge instance for this. (16GB RAM 40GB HDD) .when I Start a meeting no issues. Users can join my meeting but the sound not coming also the video not showing also desktop sharing also not worked. Some users joined with Desktop Browsers and some are in mobile browsers

  • Do you have a trusted TLS certificate?

  • Did you forward UDP/10000 on AWS firewall?

  • Did you allow UDP/10000 access in the internal firewall (such as ufw) if there is one?

  1. I have an SSL certificate for my private domain. I added that certificate details
  2. AWS UDP firewall was not set from AWS side ,now I set it, do I need to restart any service
  3. ufw also allowed UDP/10000 port

Still same issue

Can you share your /etc/jitsi/videobridge/sip-communicator.properties?

Don’t forget to mask secret and domain.


When I start a meeting these errors are showing in the browser console