Jitsi segfault in Element desktop app

I updated matrix on my server via ansible-playbook and now jitsi can not start in a widget of desktop Element app. I simply see gray screen and two lines in logs:

Sep 16 17:37:40 seventh-ubuntu-home kernel: element-desktop[33705]: segfault at 355979fcffff ip 0000246a46f93482 sp 00007fffddf4dee8 error 6
Sep 16 17:37:40 seventh-ubuntu-home kernel: Code: 89 7d e0 48 8b 4e 27 48 3b 21 0f 86 6b 00 00 00 85 d2 0f 84 42 00 00 00 8d 0c 10 89 45 d4 89 4d d0 8b 45 d4 33 c9 48 8b 56 17 <88> 0c 02 8b 45 d4 83 c0 01 8b 4d d0 3b c1 0f 84 14 00 00 00 8b 4d

I successfully view video in web version, but not in desktop app.
Backend dockers:

0b03f014dcc8 turt2live/matrix-dimension:latest  
576184cb0562 nginx:1.23.1-alpine 
f98d3ea48159 jitsi/jvb:stable-7648-4 
9edc6bb504da jitsi/jicofo:stable-7648-4
b922083d73a8 jitsi/prosody:stable-7648-4 
707d9b8c9515 jitsi/web:stable-7648-4  
40ac532d00fa vectorim/element-web:v1.11.5
d04f4e060efa awesometechnologies/synapse-admin:0.8.5  
b51bf585e633 coturn/coturn:4.6.0-r0-alpine
3b4ff41c99b5 matrixdotorg/synapse:v1.67.0
794ea3d0e786 postgres:14.4-alpine 
8e1a61c9c63b devture/exim-relay:4.95-r0-4

Element app 1.11.5
I will be glad to any ideas.

This is something about that Element app, you may try to ask them in their forum. Here is only for the web/mobile clients of Jitsi-meet and the backend.

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Do you get the same crash with the Jitsi Meet Electron app?

I didn’t have it, but installed. No, it working fine.

I created an issue and put more logs in it.

Good, looks like a bug on the Element app itself, alas, so there is not much we can do from the Jitsi side.

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