Jitsi secure domain


I was able to setup the secure domain using this article (https://jitsi.github.io/handbook/docs/devops-guide/secure-domain#enable-authentication). My concern though is, it will only ask me once per browser. If I will create another meeting for the same browser, it will not ask for the user and password anymore.

By default sesssions are cahed for 24h. After that you’ll need to re-authenticate.

Ohh thank you @saghul. Where is can i see/edit the saved credentials btw?

It’s a sessionId token in localStorage, your actual ccreentials are not stored.

Thank you so much @saghul. One last thing though, I have another topic for room name change. I made the changes already in AbstractWelcomePage.js and have cloned the js-util and edited roomNameGenerator.js. However it is still not taking effect. Is there something that I missed?

Have you updated the dependency in your package.json?

Yes I just updated it in package.json “js-utils” and here is the value that I put (modules/js-utils/random).

You need to make it point to your local repossitory, not the file itself.

I already updated it but its still not working. Do I need to restart any services or such?


I was advised to use the make command after making the changes. Can you teach me how to do it?