JITSI SDK for Android by Hiding the toolbox [Hide toolbar on Android SDK]

After so many dependency errors finally, I have built a custom SDK of JITSI to hide toolbar without hangup button on android. Working for iOS one. If you need you can use by following JITSI Pre Built Guideline just need to change the maven repository as follows:

maven {
url “https://github.com/motiurinfo/jitsi_toolbox_hide_sdk/raw/master/releases
For Details Code:
Github Link: https://github.com/motiurinfo/jitsi_toolbox_hide_sdk/raw/master/releases

Thanks JITSI Community.

Hi, Motiur,
i tried to build android sdk using jitpack.io but there is dependency issues , please let me know your steps how you build using maven .

Hi, @damencho ,
i also tired to build the android sdk using https://jitpack.io/ but facing some dependency issue .
Please let me know how to build