Jitsi screenshare crashes

I am running Jitsi instance on docker. I have tested stable releases (stable-7648-4 & stable-6865), both have issues in doing screenshare. Whenever the screenshare icon is pressed, the browser crashes completely.

Issue is on Google Chrome (latest) & Edge browsers
Works fine on Firefox Browser.

How do I solve this?

Do you experience the same when using meet.jit.si with the same browser?

Yes also while browsing to (Jitsi Meet)
Also it is very strange, I have tested it on another PC and there it is not crashing, even with the latest Chrome and same configuration for jitsi. Very strange!

What does crash mean? Does the browser app crash? Or there is an error in the browser page?

the browser app crashes. it closes all the instances and crashes/closes completely.

Yep, strange. I think you should report this on chromium bug tracker. And also try the new docker stable when it is out, should be later today I think.

I tried stable-7648-4 release as well. But having the same issue. I will submit a bug.

hey tried https://meet.jit.si/ and yes same issue.

Ah this is something different, so its a something on your side.
Are you on Linux, there are plenty of similar problems there with some window managers.

No I am on windows. Strange because I have the latest Chrome version and for my colleagues it is working fine. The issue is only for Chromium browsers.
Firefox works perfectly fine.

Hey, @saifshk17 can you try starting chrome with passing --disable-features=WebRtcAllowWgcDesktopCapture does that change something?

hey i got around it. Something to do with Chrome on my PC. I uninstalled it, restarted and reinstalled. Then it worked!

Chrome might have turned it off remotely. Let;s try to help them though. Do you get the problem if you launch Chrome with --enable-features=WebRtcAllowWgcDesktopCapture ? That would confirm it.