Jitsi Scaling Approach

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I wonder, how jitsi community scales faster with multiple shards approach? Meaning, right now, whenever, we need to add a new server for jitsi-meet, we need to install jitsi-meet manually on that server and any other components we want to use like jitsi-meet-tokens, etc. and modify the configurations according to our need. This seems to be very naive and time-consuming process if you want to spin off more jitsi meet servers and do the same process every time.

I just thought about AMI approach where we do installation on 1 server and take a snapshot image of that base machine and use it for spinning off new servers. However, I wonder, I still need to manually take care of certificates, configurations for the new server domains and more.

Is there any way someone could recommend to scale faster by spinning off new servers and requiring less human intervention?


I use some custom installation scripts

Jitsi Installers
Jitsi Cluster

The installer creates a customization script too. I never customize the system manually.
Tip: customizing the configuration after upgrade

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I can give you a recepie of most fastest scaling. The easiest way to avoid the mentioned human intervention is to use ready-made services, that can spin off clustered solution. You may get one that based on shards from Jelastic. Each shard comprises Jitsi Video Bridge, Jicofo, Web server and Jibri.

A single conference can be held within one shard only and can’t be spread across multiple shards. Each shard is vertically scaled up and down automatically within predefined resource limits dependiing on workload(number of conferences and users). And as you were wondering, you can setup automatic horizontal scaling for the shards, setting up autoscaling triggers. So, no intervention required, the cluster logic will add or remove shards automatically depending on workload.The recommended minimal number of shards is two, thus the High Availability feature will be ensured. But the more the better. Once one shard goes down the conference will be recreated on healthy one and users will be reallocated there respectively. Read this tutorial Secure, Simple and Scalable Video Conferencing with Jitsi to get more details and installation guide.

will check it out. can we install custom jitsi-meet with custom prosody modules and jwt authentication?

yes, the customisation can be applied after the installation and will remain after nodes scaling as new shards are made from the master shard via cloning