Jitsi Rover Idea


Hey Guys!

I am new to the community and I didn’t exactly know where to put this. I have been working on a project to enable jitsi to command robots over Bluetooth. The idea behind this was to create robotic bases with wheels that can hold your phone/tablet/laptop and can be controlled remotely. It’s essentially a conference on wheels. There are similar ‘telepresence’ robots available but they are somewhat expensive. If the software was open sourced it might bring the cost of them down. I have since stopped working on it as much and I was wondering if there was community interest to continue developing this feature/robot.

The use case would be pretty simple: enabling you to move your jitsi enabled robot remotely. Optional pan and tilt control depending on the robot that you use. Plus whatever else you guys can come up with.

I currently have a working demo that I can show where you can move around a small robot through jistsi. Note that there aren’t any robots that are purpose-built for this since I never got around to it. The Arduino rover kit that I am using in order to get the project running runs around 150-190 on robotshop.com.