Jitsi Remote Control

I installed and configured Jitsi locally on our network and it’s working perfectly, users can share screen, talk, chat ect. everything is great.
only 1 option I’m looking for is: remote control.
in some forums some people say it got discontinued and other say it’s still working.
can someone help me configure it if it’s still availbe
thank you

IIRC, remote control is a feature of the Electron app but is not enabled by default due to security/privacy concerns. If you wish to use it, your users will need to use a custom built version of the Electron app with that feature enabled.

I have never tried it, but there are instructions here https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron-utils#remote-control and here jitsi-meet-electron/README.md at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron · GitHub (there is a relevant section on “Working with jitsi-meet-electron-utils” if you expand the build instructions).

Good luck. And please do use that feature responsibly :slight_smile:

is this the app that I just need to install on a Windows 10 machine. or do i need to perform changes on the Jitsi server.
I’m hoping i do not do much changes in the server side because we are using it in production.

You build the app separately and install it on the clients (Windows 10 machine e.t.c…) to connect to your Jitsi server. Building it does not affect/disrupt anything on your server.

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