Jitsi - Recording

We are hosting jitsi meet instance on Openfire server. jitsi-meet, jicofo and jvb components are installed on CentOS.

What all options are available to record the audio conference? I started to look at Jibri. Has anyone tried installing it on CentOS? Is there any document specific to CentOS?

Are there other options worth considering?

Appreciate the help. Thanks!

Jibri is the way to go for recording conferences, but as you mentioned “record the audio”, I think you should look at local recordings too:

It is different from Jibri recordings, the local ones are done in the client (browser), but are audio-only and if that’s what you need, it is a more lightweight solution.

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Thanks for the quick response.

It turns out we will need to record the audio as well screencast now. It seems Jibri is the way to go!

Did you happen to host Jibri on premise?

Any insight on the resource constraints? As per the docs, Jibri can record one conversation at a time. So, that means we will need to scale it based on the expected concurrent recording requirement.

Also, would there be any overhead on the call participants when using Jibri for recording?

Jibri is perhaps the only Jitsi product that is resource-intensive. You’ll need at least 4 cores and 8GB of RAM for hassle-free recording. Yes, Jibri can only record one meeting at a time. If you host your Jibri on a separate server (advisable), you eliminate the risk of it draining resources from your other components. There’s no impact on the call participants.

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Thanks Freddie. I guess we may be able to auto scale Jibri component depending on concurrent recorders. Do you know if there is any support to spin up Jibri instance on demand?

Also, we are looking to do it on CentOS. Any resource/steps around it would be appreciated.

Yes, you can autoscale in AWS.
I’m not personally familiar with CentOS, so I can’t really say if there’s any difference in implementation.

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Yes. OBS on the client.

Thanks for all the responses!

Will Jibri also record audio/screencast from third party application? Lets say if I play youtube video when sharing the screen with other participants, will that also be recorded by Jibri?

This is possible. I have tested this use case.