Jitsi Recording with executeCommand External API

Hey Everyone,
I am trying to run recording automatically after moderators join the meeting, using external API execute command.
But it’s not showing any event getting fired.
I am using my custom deployment on AWS for jitsi and jibri.
Can anyone please help…

we are also facing same issue. Can some one please help?
our code snippet to start recording

api.addEventListener(‘videoConferenceStart’, () => {
api.executeCommand(‘startRecording’, {
mode: ‘file’,

version of jitsi running in our servers

jitsi-meet/stable,now 2.0.4627-1 all [installed]
jitsi-meet-prosody/stable,now 1.0.4127-1 all [installed,automatic]
jitsi-meet-tokens/stable,now 1.0.4127-1 all [installed]
jitsi-meet-turnserver/stable,now 1.0.4127-1 all [installed,automatic]
jitsi-meet-web/stable,now 1.0.4127-1 all [installed,automatic]
jitsi-meet-web-config/stable,now 1.0.4127-1 all [installed,automatic]
jitsi-videobridge2/stable,now 2.1-202-g5f9377b9-1 all [installed,automatic]

all are latest version

Please help!

just replying to push this query at top so someone can help on this! thanks

Update to latest from unstable, That feature was added on Jun 3th. Or wait for stable update, should happen in a week or two.

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thanks @damencho!

Very solid guys! Thanks a lot!

thanks @damencho, it worked smoothly with latest unstable version. will keep a track when stable version comes and will upgrade to it.

version that I am using now

jitsi-meet-web/unstable,now 1.0.4249-1 all [installed,automatic]

hey @damencho, is this already available in the Jitsi iFrame API? I’ve been trying to use it, to no avail. Thank you

I think yes … but there was some report of its not working … Not sure about the state

@damencho thank you for your prompt reply. After further testing, I managed to make it work. My issue was starting the recording too early. Thank you for this amazing tool.