Jitsi Recording Problem When Switch Connection


If I make a change to the internet connection (celluar-mobile to wifi) after starting the Video call recording , the call proceeds without interruption, but then when I review the video recording, my image becomes a black screen.

Somebody can give me an idea what I should have into consideration?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

I think it should record fine.

So recording is fine till the second you switch the connection, and black screen since that second?

Is it happening 100% or just happened only once?

Hi @Prashanth

Yes, recording is fine but i see black screen (just switched participant) in video record till the second i switch the connection.

it is happening always. not only once.

Can you give an idea what I should?


I am not sure why that could happen. Better if you can share a screenshot. Someone else may know what’s the issue.

Can the switched participant see the other participants’ video?

Hi @emrah ,

There is no interrupt in video conversation for any user.

Black screen appears only in the recorded video and only for the participant whose connection switched.


Does the problem disappear when the switched participant clicks to “ctrl + F5” to refresh the browser tab?

Hi @emrah,

Participant joins from ios/android. It can’t refresh so we can’t try to refresh on browser.


After switching, is there only one window for this participant in the room or two…?

Hi @emrah,

Two windows seen in recorded video.


Two windows for the same participants, right…?

If this is the case then this is the expected behavior. The window of the old session should disappear in a minute.

Hi @emrah,

No, i mean one windows for participant_1 and another windows participant_2.

participant_1 switched connection. there is no interrupt video call. but when i watch the recorded video, i saw black screen for participant_1 till switch connection.