Jitsi recording failure

I have successfully setup my own jitsi meet server and able to do conference call as in group but recording fails while starting through dropbox connect.I have added my dropbox app key and able to show files to sync but recording not works.

What I have came through -

  1. Jibri is enabled, up and running (As known it is required for video recording)
  2. Server is running on AWS.
  3. I didn’t touch Jibri config.json
  4. jitsi meet configuration file is changed as per necessary like dropbox,fileRecording option set to true.

Want to know what I am missing?

PS. I am only considering to run a single conference recording. I am newbie here and very much interested to work with Jitsi community.

Here is my jitsi setup link https://jitsimeet.findela.com/