Jitsi React Native

I would like to know that me and my team is building an app in which we want to give an video conference app so we want to give jitsi.

Our app is using react native.

I would Like to know that how can I embed or install jitsi on my app using react native.

I would also like to know that is there anyway that I can remove the jitsi logo and chanke the link from meet.jit.si to my domain.

Thank You,
Divyaansh Bajoria

You can install and run your own Jitsi server. If you do, you can customize as you wish. However, if you’re planning on using the public instance at meet.jit.si, you’re not allowed to remove the logo and definitely can’t change meet.jit.si to your personal domain.


Thank You for this information but how can I set up jitsi on my own server because I just use an hosting service so is there anyway I can do changes.

You should look into Jaas - https://jaas.8x8.vc. They’ll take care of the hosting for you. Best hands in the market for the job.

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Alright Thank You very much