Jitsi React Native Custom Build - Dependencies fail for Android

Hi, We are trying to build a custom jitsi build for our project using the latest React Native 0.61.1.

We need to use the following dependencies for our project:

The steps we followed:
cd jitsi-meet-master
npm install
npm install --save react-native-contacts
npm install --save react-native-device-info
react-native run-android

Inside the WelcomePage.native.js file:

import Contacts from 'react-native-contacts';
import DeviceInfo from 'react-native-device-info';


  console.log('Contacts=',Contacts) //Returns null
  console.log('DeviceInfo=',DeviceInfo) //Crashes with Red screen 


Everything works well with iOS (tested on iOS 12 & 13). Also, all the dependencies work well outside of Jitsi (i.e. we are able to read contacts & deviceId). Only for android build, that too only for dependencies we add on our own has this issue.

Let me know what we are missing.

Thank you!

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I stuck in the same same problem about 1 week, 1 year after you posted that.

Is it working now?
I am also trying to add dependencies but its not working for android.
I want to add these two dependencies but currently both are not working
react-native-document-picker & react-native-image-picker

Please let me know if there is any workaround for this. Thank you!

Hi same problem with rt2zz/react-native-contacts and react-native-image-picker do some one know how to make work on android ?

I find solution in commit: feat: report analytics for the network connection · jitsi/jitsi-meet@6ae9bbe · GitHub made the same with contacts package and everything works :partying_face: