Jitsi Public Servers and Ptivate Differences

A few moths ago I built my own server on Ubuntu 18.04 and had problems with users freezing videos.
I was advised to update prosody but unfortunately it needed configuration changes to memory and I could not then get it to work.
I continued with two groups of classes on Jitsi meet servers but one evening class had continuous sound problems and have lost them to “Zoom” which is really annoying.
Last week we were using the Europe West server and it started really bad so we all logged off and on again and it was almost perfect, so it was not H/W and the bandwith was always showing green!

If I rebuild a new Ubuntu 20.04 Jitsi server would the situation improve or stay the same?

I have read some threads that seem to imply a private server still uses the same public servers so in that case there is no point in building a new box except for better control over rooms!
Clarification of the exact differences data routing would be appreciated.
PS my other group on a different day/time has had a much better experience and wants to continue using Jitsi.

Thank for your time

you don’t need to update prosody with Ubuntu 20.04.

you can setup a html only Jitsi server that is calling on a public server (such as meetL.jit.si) to do the media handling, yes.

But usually by private server one means a server where the media,handling is done by the server itself,
In this case you setup enough capacity to ensure a good media (video, sound) experience in all cases
This has a cost in resources - a lot more than merely customizing the html part and call into meet.jit.si) to manage video.

The operating system version shouldn’t matter much. Making sure you are on the latest stable release should improve things.

Thanks for the replies.
I am just an enthusiastic Linux amateur and made my first server 2 months ago (I am 77).
I find the biggest problem for me is finding/getting the necessary information as its mostly on the forums.
I have a basic need to make a private server for up to 8 users with say HD (or SD) video that handles the video without using the public servers.
Could someone point me to any relevant info so I can study how to do this or explain what I need to configure assuming I have the required H/W for it to work?

well, the quick install is the first port of call.

It assumes that an internet server (also known as Virtual Private Server or VPS in short) is used. Usually a VPS has enough bandwitdh to manage 8/10 users (it’s more often 100 Mbits/second so quite sufficient).

If you use a computer hosted in a home setup, it’s more complicated and it’s not a sure thing that you have enough bandwidth. An ADSL connexion, even the most advanced one, is far from enough to serve 8/10 users since at most you will have 4-5 Mbits/s upload (that’s the speed at which your users will download data).
If you have fiber at home it can probably be done though.

Thanks for the info, I will do some more reading before deciding what to do!

ATM I have fibre and just checked, its 49 Mbits/s download and 4.9 Mbits/sec upload so its feasable.
When you say “its more complicated though…” is there anywhere I can look to see if its going to be too complicated because I don’t want to start something that’s doomed to failure at the start!?
For instance, do you have to configure a private server to not use a public server or does it only use it when the resources are inadequate?