Jitsi prosody source code

Hi, I’m looking for the prosody source code based on which the docker prosody image of jitsi is built. I searched for the repo inside Jitsi’s homepage Jitsi · GitHub but couldn’t find it. Could anyone help me point in the right place ? My requirement comes from this post i posted recently Dev Workflow Question: How to build a custom docker image of jitsi-meet (web) for use in our dockerized setup? - #10 by narayanan.iyer86

@saghul @shawn help please

Prosody is not a Jitsi-specific project. Visit the project page for links to source, docs, community, etc – https://prosody.im/

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We install Prosody in the docker container via the Debian package provided by their repository, not the Debian offical repo.

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will keep that in mind.