Jitsi programmer or full Jitsi program for either Windows 10 or Linux Mint 19


Hi I was wondering where I would go to hire a Jitsi programmer.
I’m wanting to setup a server for an international prayer network and I would like to have a good platform set up for conferencing.
Heres what I would like.
1 - an unlimited amount of people per conference
2 - The ability to either call in or sign in on line to a conferance
3 - The ability to easily add and remove phone numbers and links for signing in and calling in to a conference
4 - Live streaming to youtube and facebook or at least youtube
5 - The ability to record any conference while streaming
6 - The ability to be able to give unlimited hosting privileges to anyone in the world to do all of the above
7 - A white board and the ability to upload material and videos and make them available to viewers for download
8 - A script or set of scripts to be able to easily duplicate the Jitsi setup on any computer with instructions on either Windows 10 or Linux mint 19 Or if it’s easier then just the script or set of scripts with easy to follow instructions that will do all of the above requests.
are if anyone knows of a Jitsi program available for purchase with all of the above already in it that would be great to.
Here is a sight I’d like to consider going through as it’s open source. https://www.kamailio.org/w/ Thank you kindly.


It seems like the Gitsi community has made installing Jitsi on Linux easier then I figured so I’ll give it a go myself for now.