Jitsi problems in Windows 10 Professional 64 bits

Jitsi latest version 2.10.5550 installed on Windows 10 Pro PC as a SIP client. Google Chrome 64 bit browser. Webcam is HD Webcam Model C50 USB 2.0 from Amazon Canada. Jitsi kept crashing until I made the following changes to video settings:
Video resolution: 1280 x 780 (Default= auto)
Custom frame rate: 28 fps (Default = 20)
However, a problem remains which I haven’t been able to solve:
Top part of video screen has a color “shadow” or faded image of my vest. Other than this, my face is shown very clear. Bottom half of screen shows a green horizontal band whose height is 50% of the screen, with “snow”; i.e. my face is still visible behind the green band. No such problem in Skype, Zoom, Google Meet or Jitsi Meet. No problem with bandwidth thanks to my 150/10 Mbps internet connection.
I would very much appreciate your help.