Jitsi problem with CEF

I’m using jitsi, I installed my own server, all right in this step. Access via Google Chrome and works perfectly with all audio and video. But when I use CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) and enter a room, audio and video are turned off. In that case I can’t hear or see the lecturer. Not even the lecturer can hear me and not see my video.

But when I use https://meet.jit.si/ it works on CEF and Google Chrome

but when I use only Google Chrome it works perfectly. Can someone help?

May CEF have a problem with your certificate authority?

Maybe a web settings problem on your server ? Try to compare curl -I yourserver.com and meet.jit.si. If you have headers on your server missing from meet.jit.si, try to remove them.

Thanks I got it. It was a configuration on my server that is only running p2p. Is there a tutorial to establish more than 2 connections?

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This is mostly the blocked UDP/10000 or the broken JVB issue.