Jitsi pricing

I’ve developed a game featured with jitsi Api Iframe to provide gamers with possibility of communicating with other participants via voice or camera. I was wondering how much does it cost to use the jitsi Api Iframe hosted on mett.jit.si for up to 75 participants with audio-only mode.

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Well, using meet.jit.si is free. But you must work with the knowledge that it’s possible the experience can vary depending on the load of users. If you want a more guaranteed deployment, I’d recommend subscribing to https://jaas.8x8.vc. You’ll have our own server managed by the Jitsi team, so no concerns about loading e.t.c…

Hi Freddie
Thanks for the reply!
that sounds reasonable. I just saw pricing on the link you sent. As I wanna use Jitsi for audio-only purposes, I would use meet.jit.si for now and give the jaas a try later!