Jitsi plugin for Nextcloud : missing compatibility to nextcloud-25

Jitsi can be integrated in Nextcloud version 24.### as a plugin, which is very convenient usefull and pleasant. The [Jitsi plugin for Nextcloud] (GitHub - nextcloud/jitsi: Nextcloud Jitsi Integration) is not compatible with nextcloud25 which prevents the Nextcloud upgrade. It would be a great loss for people using Jitsi plugin in Nextcloud to loose it.
I have seconded an issue on the repo asking for the update, that has not received any reply or PR, I have no idea of the workload needed but it would be great if some devs could have look and unlock the situation. Nextcloud is a good vector to demonstrate Jitsi capabilities.
Thanks for all the work done

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That repo is not maintained by the Jitsi team. You’ll need to reach out to the owner.

Thanks @Freddie for the quick answer, I understand the situation; it was just a message in a bottle from me in case any people here knows both universes and may help to unlock the situation.

Hi @vidal

I am trying to integrate self hosted jitsi with my Nextcloud instance. But when i clicked on Join it gives me 404 Error,