Jitsi php integration

Hi since november i’m trying to find someone who can help me to integrate jitsi in my PHP website, i’ve read the documentation but i didn’t got it well, i think if someone can help me step by step i will appreciate it, i don’t find a lot of tutorial about how to integrate jitsi with php, if some of you have jitsi working well on their php website, please give me the direction, i really need your help

Please do not open multiple topics for the same thing, I already answered you in the other one

yes i have read the iframe api documentation but i didn’t got it well that’s what i was explaining, i will see the example you gave me, but sometimes it’s not so simple, just to give you an example it was more simple to integrate zoom cause they offert an pattern that you can parameter easily with their step by step guide, they tell you which file to create extension, what to put inside where to put it on the server etc so i found this guide more easy, but the use is less simple for users than jitsi, that’s why i came to jitsi.

I have no Idea about zoom.
But what do you not understand from this example?

var domain = "meet.jit.si";
            var options = {
                roomName: "JitsiMeetAPIExample",
                width: 700,
                height: 180,
                parentNode: undefined,
                configOverwrite: {},
                interfaceConfigOverwrite: {}
            var api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, options);

I don’t see how it can be easier than that? Have you tried loading the example html file from your webserver?

i’m trying it now, i will see what’s happening

the example working but the frame in a small rectangle is opening with a small size in the top left on the screen, is that normal of i can change the size of the frame ?
cause it ask to connect with google but i can’t see the full information in the frame, i only see a few part of it

There are sizes in the example you can adjust, you can also put the frame in some parent node and adjust that with css … there many options you can play with on your page.

Ok thank you i appreciate the help, i was stuck with this since november

I have a last question, can i use the example code with php, what do i need to change to be able to use it with php ?
cause i don’t think the script will work the same way i think i need some adaption to use the example with php

This is probably (definitely) the wrong forum to ask questions like this.

@damencho example will work perfectly fine in html generated by php.