Jitsi Payments, Latency, 8x8, and Max Users


After many hours, I found Jitsi. I have a few questions.

  1. Somewhere along the line while I was using it, I saw something that I was limited to 4 users and would have to pay for more. I can’t find that now. Is that the case?
  2. I also installed 8X8 which seems to be a mess. Do they charge 99 cents per “Team Member” or 99 cents a month for an open account regardless of how many people you connect to? And, why should I use 8x8 when Jitsi is free (assuming question one). I had hoped to get breakout rooms in 8x8 but they don’t have them and I don’t see any other reason to use it.
  3. After MANY hours of research, I’m looking for the video conferencing programs with the least latency. As an English teacher teaching virtually, Zoom sucks - way too much lag and no way to discuss. I saw many references to Jitsy as the best for “real time conversations.”. Is that your experience, and does 8x8 share the same qualities in terms of latency?

Thank you in advance. If there’s something else I should be looking at, low-priced, free, and open source. please let me know.

Thomas Rompf, AP English, Colombia SA