Jitsi Participants Connection Problems

I started a jitsi conference meet with 15 participants, all except 2 people, couldn’t log in to jitsi. Most were in different places, at home, at the office, at the park. Every participant used Google Chrome. The 2 that had issues with Jitsi were at the office, where firewall is managed by their IT folks. Their issue was when accessing and login into Jitsi, they kept losing the connection. It was a professional meeting so I don’t suspect anyone was “Kicking them out” on purpose. I saw their names popped up on Jitsi but a few seconds later, the message, “CC and Titi left the meeting”. I kept getting messages on the chat that CC and Titi kept losing connection. From what I know, all necessary steps were followed; Google chrome, PC, Good Connection. All others did not have this issue. Could it have been a firewall issue? Any thoughts?

Was that on meet.jit.si?

Hello, there meet.jitsers,
I run my online classes ever since last year on jitsi meet in a small group of less than 10 people and it’s been about a week or more that everyone faces connection problems when we are in the lesson. I never had any connection issues so far, and if I happened to have that it was due to overloaded internet or due to lower data if connected by 2 devices. Now, it’s definitely because of jitsi meet as we sometimes leave it and meet elsewhere to complete the lesson. No connection problem elsewhere. Any ideas why this happens? Are we the only ones facing connection problems lately?