Jitsi page is coming when hangup button is pressed

I don’t want to show jitsi page while ending the the call, how could i do that

if you setup your own instance, you can do that. Using the jitsi-meet instance, using resources that you are not paying for, is not free, you have to get advertisement.

Yes I have setup my own instance , will you please tell me how can I directly close jitsi meet by clicking on hangup button without showing jitsi-meet page

@pranitshirsath, check out this section in your config.js file:

ok sir thankyou I will check

I have tried it by making enableCLosePage : true and enableWelcomePage:false but after clicking on Hangupbutton it’s again opening the welcomepage to start the meeting. Please give me any suggestion

What @Freddie posted is all that’s needed. Here is another post with a few more details that may help:

Other things to check:

  • Make sure static/close2.html is present.
  • Restart your server after the change
  • Clear your browser cache…or test it with a different browser or incognito window