Jitsi over Tor Browser/Firefox

When i read jitsi taking care of user privacy but on the same time doesnt support firefox but instead using chrome/chromium -> thats weird…

so i wonder why jitsi not running over Tor Browser or Firefox for extra protection to user security and privacy?

chrome-google absolute contradiction to user privacy.(chromium not any better which is what chrome based one…)

For what it’s worth, I often test our self-hosted Jitsi instance using TorBrowser, and I haven’t had a problem. But then Firefox has worked fine too.

(I haven’t tried setting up a jitsi instance as a Tor hidden / onion service, but that could be fun.)

according to my testing with FF/TB on debian both showed issues
accessing to microphone and recommended visit a web page (in yellow
error) which is saying which browser i should use and its only showing
chrome & chromium.

tested on https://meet.jit.si/

Let’s wait for TON :grin:

Hi, mine is working but

On TORbrowser I can’t get to ask/have permission for camera and microphone, (it does not get the webpage in settings)
On Firefox it starts , permission is granted to both mic and camera, but nothing is shown: only thing that works is chat and hand rasing, not video, not mic, not screen sharing

On Chrome and Opera all works


Having this will solve any low bandwidth connection like Tor or I2P, Wish to see that jitsi support it.