Jitsi over phone

Hello, I’m new here and not much of an expert. Indeed, I’m a pretty greenhorn. Now, to start with little steps, I’m planning a Jitsi-Meeting with up to 200 people, sending them in between in break-out-rooms and getting them back. So far, so good. My question is, as I will have also some seniors participating: how exactly can they participate with just a phone call (no Smartphone, no VoIP). Thank you all for your help, Stefano

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If you’re using meet.jit.si, you can just have them call into the conference (regular phone call).

Hi Freddie,

Thank you for your quick response. But, as I said, I’m no pro: which phone number are they supposed to call?


No problem.

Take a look at this guide - Comprehensive Jitsi User Guide

Check the “Inviting Participants to a Jitsi Meeting” section.

Thank you!