Jitsi on Windows Server

I would like to install Jitsi on a Windows Server 2016, but i didn’t find any tutorial to make it.
I already check the docker solution but i didn’t understand how to use it :confused:

Did you have any solution to install Jitsi on it ?

I really thank you.

I wanted to ask the same question?

Can someone answer this simple question because id like to do the same thing, a video tutorial would be perfect

I guess, the easiest way to do this would be to install a virtual machine on your Windows server and to run Linux inside this VM.

So this whole project is only for linux ? Thats not good.

No, this whole project is web-based. You can download pre-compiled versions of the server components (prosody, jitsi-videobridge2, jicofo and maybe jibri) for linux but nothing stops you to set up the system on the operating system of your choice.

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That’s good news many thanks
I am new on here but id like ti some threads that will help me out.
this project is better than mine lol
I have no idea of these names yet like jitsi-videobridge2 or jibri but ill try and look into it.
If they started doing video tutorials on youtube for windows and Linux that would be great for people like me and its a great SEO trick to get up to the top :wink:
Anyway many thanks.

Someone should just make a 64bit install for windows server :slight_smile: now that would be super cool.
lol you could sell that then and branch out.
O yes and with an update button lol
I so wish that could happen, I wonder if there is a work around somehow?
Windows VPS is the best security thats why there so much money.