Jitsi on Ubuntu 18.04 Mail- and Webserver

I have a virtual root server with Ubuntu 18.04
It has an Intel Xeon E5-26xxV3 (with min 2,3 GHz per core) with 4 dedicated cores and 12 GB DDR4 RAM.
I use this server as mail- (Postfix) and webserver (Apache) for some customers, so it is already in use, but not in heavy use.

I think of installing Jitsi on it, for small meetings with up to 10 clients.
I tried before to install Jitsi on a very small, and cheap 512 MB server, but this didn’t work at all.

My concern now is, if I install it on my productive server and I notice that it wont be fast enough for our meetings, can I uninstall it completely so that the system is as before?
Does the Jitsi-Install change the Apache configuration in any way other than only the domain I use for Jitsi?

Thanks for hints.

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In your case, I’d recommend to use the docker setup as explained in the Jitsi Handbook:

In my experience, docker-jitsi-meet should easily be able to handle small meetings with up to 10 participants on your server, provided the server bandwidth is not restricted too much.

If you go for the apt packages instead of using docker, your existing Apache config may be altered by the installation process. There are also reports about issues with a clean uninstall, i.e., a purge will not always revert all changes performed during apt install.