Jitsi on SIP = KO



I am using Jitsi Desktop as a softphone and it works well, except for SIP communication.

I have a SIP line with the provider OVH. It works well with regular land line: I can call and be called without any problem.

However, if I want to call a correspondent using a SIP line, it does not work ! I suspect some parameters of my Jitsi are wrong.
Any ideas what’s wrong ?


What is the error you see or it says calling and never stops?
Have you checked this https://desktop.jitsi.org/Documentation/FAQ#fragmentation


When I make the call it says “call failed - wrong domain”
I am trying to call name@sip.linphone.org

Nothing about that in the FAQ.


I suppose your provider does not support calling to other sip domains.


Yest, it does: it works if I use linphone softphone !