Jitsi on lan

Good day. I have a particular problem. I live in Venezuela, where the Internet speed is very los, and in my case (i live in a rural zone) is very very low. I am an agricolture, and in order to connect my office in the town with my farm I made a Lan with tplink routers, Ubiquiti radios and commecial switches. Al the smartphone in the network access internet trough a single connection (low band) in my office. Sometimes I have to conference with several people in the same time. I should like make the conference without having to access the internet. I read that I can install a Jitsi server in my PC (windows10), but I don’t undestand how. I have no SIP account/number/service. Moreover I don’t want use Internet because so slow

it’s possible but you need enough computer skills to at the minimum setup hyper-v, download and install a Linux (Ubuntu 18 or 20) distribution, create a virtual machine with this OS image in hyper-v, and then follow the quick install for Jitsi. This is far more involved than downloading an application and double clicking the installer. Before trying it, you should also be aware that having 8 Go Ram and 2 cores on your computer would be a great idea. And your ‘server’ should have a good bandwidth too (at least 20 mbits/s for very small meetings, 100 mbits/s for 5/10 people)

I found it rather easy to use virtualbox, install ubuntu server and follow the docker installation guide. With a few changes in the configuration files the jitsi server was running in my local lan.
But you do need a few basic skills and knowledge about using linux.

thanks, I will try. Unfortunately I am all but an expert of Linux

well, thanks. I will try.