Jitsi on custom development

Hi, if I want to embed a videoconference in a private site (user and password required) Do I need to install the complete suite of jitsi? Specially jitsi-meet, because this enable a website in my server where anyone can create it’s own conferences

In this tutorial https://jitsi.org/downloads/ubuntu-debian-installations-instructions/ says you can install all the suite (jitsi Meet and all the components) or just the components you need.

I think the creation of the private conference will occurs through the jitsi-meet-api and it’s access too

And at last, is possible to restrict the video conference to a group of people? I know you can set a password, but this password can be automatized in order to avoid the user input? maybe just a private button like “enter de conference” and that’s it

Thanks in advance and greetings from Mexico